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Starter Spares

Austart supplies genuine spare parts for all starter models. We produce all components at our manufacturing facility and most are available for purchase ‘off the shelf’ and dispatched within hours.  So you can rest assured that when using Austart the support will always be there.
You can extend the life of the starter with regular service intervals. Austart genuine service kits are available for all models and we strongly recommend using one of these whenever possible.

Start System Components

As well as spare parts for starters Austart supplies all necessary start system components. This includes manual or solenoid start valves, quick exhaust valves to provide faster disengagement, Y strainers (as provided free of charge with all Turbine Starter purchases), relay valves and lubrication devices for use with Vane Starters.
Be assured that if we don’t stock a particular spare part, due to our industry experience and worldwide sourcing capacity we will be able to source the right part for you.

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Spare Parts & Accessories

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