Kocsis Hydraulic Start Systems


KH Equipment can supply complete start systems or individual components to suit your requirements. Hydraulic start systems combine quick acceleration with a high torque output. Other than the Hydrotor all other components can be mounted in any location. For charging, a hand pump or powered hydraulic pump can be utilised.


Kocsis Cutaway

Kocsis Cutaway

Hydrotor cranking systems operate on the principle of oil under pressure turning a fluid power motor to produce mechanical energy. The oil is stored under high pressure in hydropneumatic piston accumulators and released to the hydraulic cranking motor through a directional control valve which may be manually or electrically actuated.

The high pressure oil enters the cranking motor through the inlet port and is directed against a series of free pistons within the steel rotor assembly which is splined to the drive shaft. When the pistons receive the pressurised oil, they move forward against the inclined thrust bearing, causing rotation of the rotor.

The drive shaft carries the Bendix drive, which is engaged with the engine ring gear. The oil is returned to the system reservoir through the outlet port of the Hydrotor motor.

Hydrotor Models

Hydrotor cranking motors are available in four sizes ranging from 8 HP to 60 HP output. The motors incorporate sturdy, cast aluminium housings or ductile iron housings, with a drive shaft which is supported on two needle bearings and a center ball bearing for low friction starting over a wide temperature range. All models utilise a steel rotor assembly with seven
free pistons.

Oil ports are located on the port plate at the end of the motor. Hydrotors are available with a variety of Bendix drives, pinion gear housings, and mounting flanges to suit the application. Specifications of each Hydrotor model can be provided upon request. Standard models have right hand rotation viewed from pinion end; left hand rotation can be provided by rotating the port plate 180º and using a reverse direction Bendix drive.

 Simple System Schematic

Kocsis Schematic

Kocsis Schematic


System Components

  • Piston Accumulators Seamless steel cylinders with a floating piston to separate gas from oil. Pre-charged with nitrogen. Feature safety seal split ring design for non-destructive pressure relief if stored pressure exceeds safe operating limits.
  • Directional Control Valves On-off types mounted independently which can be operated by foot, manually or by electric solenoid. Also available in ductile iron for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • High Pressure Filters Designed for working pressures of 3000 psi and equipped with replaceable filtering elements.
  • Reservoirs Available in capacities of 4, 7 ½, 12 ½, and 15 gallons. Also with hand pump.
  • Hydraulic Pumps Positive displacement pumps of piston design which may rotate in either direction. Supplied for belt drive from engine or with electric motor as an independent pumping unit. Also available in ductile iron for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • Pressure Gauge Provided for high pressure side of Hydrotor system.

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