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Austart Turbine Air Starters for diesel and gas powered engines are the latest range of Air Starters designed for both general industrial and hazardous environments. Austart Turbine starters contain no rubbing parts eliminating the need for lubrication and extending the duration between servicing. Designed to withstand the harshest of environments such as underground coal mines and Oil & Gas installations. Austart Air Starters conform to the most stringent safety standards including ATEX certification.

There are many different options available to suit engines from 1 litre to 400 litres displacement. These include pre engaged or inertia style drive systems, enclosed nose cone or over hung pinion nose arrangements, Steel or Beryllium Copper Bronze (BCB) pinion options.

Whether you require starters with flange and pinions to suit SAE standards or a special build, we can supply a starter to suit your requirements.   

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