Eliminate Cold Weather Starting Issues

Posted on April 20, 2022

Austart Air starters holds a World-Wide reputation for its cold climate reliable starting.

We are finding more customers are heading to Austart for endurance, and longevity. Our starters are engineered to survive the World’s coldest and harshest conditions, day in, day out.
Don’t trust the starter that may arrive on your engine package and invest in over 40 years of certainty starting with Austart.
A picture paints a thousand words.

Our Austart ATS Turbine
By Ingenious design, benefits of Austart series 2 Include:

Higher cranking torque
Single turbine wheel with greater performance
Reduced air consumption for longer cranking
Sealed nose bearing
Fewer moving parts = less fatigue
Harsh muffler, shutting out the elements after starting
360-degree indexation of inlet port
Optimized planetary gearing
Some interchangeable parts between certain models
Can be serviced using general tools

As you can see, Austart provide the lightest, and highest engineered starter on the market. Enduring coal mining, marine, defence, Oil & Gas sectors World-Wide.

EMD & Mitsubishi

We provide single starter platform with a rotating flange that will fit on all EMD, and Mitsubishi starter points, with stock on hand.